What We Do

The establishment is here to help individuals influenced by issue gambling, and also their families and companions. We are likewise in charge of encouraging more prominent comprehension and consciousness of the idea of capable gambling in the more extensive group. Giving brilliant bolster administrations to Victorians influenced by gambling is one of the establishment's top needs. We finance a system of associations crosswise over Victoria to convey coordinated issue gambling treatment and bolster administrations to individuals with gambling issues, their families and groups at danger. Our scope of administrations incorporate phone, up close and personal,

online and money related directing, exhortation and data. Following six months of inside and out examination and conversing with partners, another administration conveyance model was created to expand on the qualities of existing administrations, build adaptability and openness, and enhance catch up administrations and associations with other key wellbeing administration suppliers Our group training and counteractive action projects incorporate statewide promoting battles, nearby group instruction exercises, exceptional occasions like Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, a schools training program and games program and working with venues to help make more secure gambling situations. The group instruction and counteractive action projects embarks to cultivate a society of dependable gambling and expand group comprehension of the dangers and indications of issue gambling.